VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash - 100 ml

VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash - 100 ml

Diva Intimate Vaginal Wash

Diva Intimate Vaginal Wash

VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash - 100 ml

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VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash - Product Description

For those women who are concerned about their intimate hygiene, then VWash is the right choice for them as if offers easy and effective solution to maintain intimate hygiene.

Vagina is a highly sensitive part of a woman’s body which needs special care. Normal soaps can alter the ideal vaginal pH leading to unpleasant issues. VWash is made using a unique and vaginal friendly lactic acid formulation which helps in maintaining the natural pH level of 3.5 in the intimate area and thus free from any form of discomfort.

Washing your intimate area with VWash gives a fresh sensation and maintains healthy vaginal skin. It helps in preventing unpleasant odour, itching, dryness and irritations in the intimate area.

It comes enriched with Sea Buckthron Oil which contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids to help you receive natural care leaving your skin soft and supple in the intimate area.

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