Kohinoor Pink Condom

Kohinoor Pink Condom

KamaSutra SKYN Condoms - 12's Pack

KamaSutra SKYN Condoms - 12's Pack

Deluxe Ultra Fine Climax Delay Crystal Condom - SNUG FIT

Deluxe Ultra Fine Climax Delay Crystal Condom - SNUG FIT

Kohinoor Pink Condom

10's Pack

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Kohinooor Pink Condom – Product Description

Kohinoor Pink is one of the most comfortable condoms to use. It comes in a compact size and provides you with a snug fit that you can perform with confidence and without any worry about condom slipping during the middle or condom tear.

This condom is anatomically shaped to give a better fit to the user. If you want to have safe sex and also ensure that the comfort is not hampered even a bit, you would love to use Kohinoor Pink.

Made using natural latex, this condom is soft on your skin and comes with perfect lubrication level for enhanced pleasure. The lubrication is perfect enough for intense lovemaking that both partners can enjoy a smoother, pain-free and discomfort-free lovemaking.

Being from the house of Kohinoor, each condom is also electronically tested for quality and durability to ensure maximum safety while making love.

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    Size of the condom Kohinoor pink

    Kohinoor Pink condom Size

    Length : 170 mm

    Width : 49 ± 2 mm

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