KamaSutra SKYN Condoms - 12's Pack

KamaSutra SKYN Condoms - 12's Pack

KamaSutra Pink Passion Smooth Condoms - 10's Pack

KamaSutra Pink Passion Smooth Condoms - 10's Pack

Kohinoor Pink Condom

Kohinoor Pink Condom

KamaSutra SKYN Condoms - 12's Pack

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Skyn Condoms - Product Description

Closest Thing to Wearing Nothing

When you and your partner are caught in an erotic rush and eager to have each other, then it is obvious that you don't want anything to come in between. For such couples who want a near natural intimacy experience, Kamasutra Skyn Condoms are introduced.

As it is made using Polyisoprene to get the thin, yet highly robust texture, the condom is also suitable for men and women who are allergic to latex. The skyn condom allows couples to enjoy near natural sexual experience without compromising safety.

The condom provides a soft, thin and more natural feel allowing women to feel the heat and sensation of the male organ. The condom has been clinically proven to enhance sensation during physical intimacy, making SKYN® condom the closest thing to wearing nothing.

According to a recent survey, 97% of people who tried SKYN® condoms have recommended it for others. It allows couples to enjoy near natural sensation, provides uncompromising protection and free from latex allergies.

What more can you ask for?

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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Admin
    How effective are synthetic condoms in preventing HIV and STDs?

    Yes. Plastic condoms are as effective as latex condoms when it comes to protection against STDs and HIV infections. These condoms are meant for those men and women wh...
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  • Viku
    Expired date of condom?

    The expiry date varies from batch to batch, but be assured, KamaSutra SKYN condoms sold by condombazaar.com will atleast have 2 years of shelf life.

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