Fire Xtacy 6 in 1 Condoms -12's Pack

Fire Xtacy 6 in 1 Condoms -12's Pack

Fire Xotica 6 in 1 Condoms - 12's Pack

Fire Xotica 6 in 1 Condoms - 12's Pack

Fire Xtacy 6 in 1 Condoms -12's Pack

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Fire Xtacy 6 in 1 Condom – Product Description

If you are looking for a definite way to spice up your sex life and infuse variety and excitement, then you have a readymade solution. All you to do is to buy Fire Xtacy 6-in-1 condom pack and begin to use all the different condom variants found in the pack. Fire Xtacy 6-in-1 pack comes with an assortment of studded, super dotted, ribbed, contoured, flavoured and coloured condoms and all of them come with a dose of climax delay chemical coated on it.

You can give her quivering pleasure with dotted, studded, super dotted, ribbed and contoured variants; you can make your love making a tasteful experience and continue the game for a longer duration with climax delay option. With Fire Xtacy condoms you can be sure of absolute enjoyment, prolonged action, exploding climax and heightened pleasure for you and her. What more can you ask for? Order it online and experience ecstasy. 

Fire Xtacy 6 in 1 condom

•             studded

•             super dotted

•             ribbed

•             contoured

•             flavoured and coloured + Climax delay condoms

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