Cupid Angel Female Condom - 2's Pack

Cupid Angel Female Condom - 2's Pack

Velvet Female Condom - 3's Pack

Velvet Female Condom - 3's Pack

Cupid Angel Female Condom - 2's Pack

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Cupid Female condom is a thin, soft, comfort-fitting sheath made from Natural Rubber Latex which is worn inside the vagina. The condom needs to be inserted into the vagina before the commencement of vaginal penetration. The condom comes with an octagonal ring at the top, which is open ended and the closed end comes with donut shaped structure containing polyurethane foam. The foam helps the condoms to get inserted properly into the vaginal hole and hold the condom in place during intercourse.

The outer ring will stay outside the vagina and cover part of the external genitalia. The condom holds the sperm after ejaculation thus preventing unwanted conception. Cupid Angel Female condoms are easy to insert and comfortable to use. The female condom is meant for those who want to take absolute control over their safe sexual practices and yet get maximum pleasure without any worries about conception and sexually transmitted diseases.

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