Non Latex Condoms

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Non Latex Condoms

Latex is the commonly used material for making most of the condoms worldwide. However, few men and women are allergic to latex condoms. Those who have used non-latex condoms are appreciating it for it fulfils the higher needs of sensitivity and allows the couple to enjoy a highly sensual sex. Further, for those who are averse to the natural smell of latex rubber, non-latex condoms prove to be a refreshing alternative.

Non-latex condoms were initially made using a material called Polyurethane and now it is being made using Polyisoprene. The interesting aspect of Polyisoprene is that it can pass the body heat better so that the perfect sensation of intimacy is transmitted between the couple. The heat transfer happens uniformly right from the top down to the last tip making couples enjoy a near natural feeling during the intercourse. Whereas latex condoms never transmit heat and partners have no choice but to feel the rubber.

But there are some negative opinions about non-latex condoms as well. Some feel it is too flexible and can break during the intercourse or slip off when the erection subsides. Some say that non-latex condoms are too thick than regular condoms despite its suppleness and flexibility. Despite its few negative aspects, reportedly many users have shown preference over non-latex condoms over latex condoms for its ability to give a near natural sexual feeling during intercourse.

Currently non-latex condoms are available in two brands, namely Durex and Kamasutra in India. While Durex is an international brand, Kamasutra is one of the prominent brands in India.

Durex is the first brand to introduce a non-latex condom variant, Real Feel. As the name indicates is created to give the user the 'skin' feeling during the love making. This colourless synthetic latex is made using advanced quality and that it remains absolutely safe during the intercourse. There is no need to fear about 'tearing' during the act.

Kamasutra's non-latex brand is SKYN to mean 'Skin' condoms. Again, the name suggests that users can experience near 'skin' feeling when they use this condom. Each SKYN condom goes through rigorous testing and quality checking to ensure there is no mishap during the love making session. Polyisoprene has been tested to contain sex enhancing characteristics.  The KYSN condom claims to be clinically tested and proven to augment sensation and it is flexible, supple and soft.

SKYN condoms effective combine the power of premium condom with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom to give you that special skin-on-skin feeling. SKYN condoms are available in 6's pack.

If you haven't tried non-latex condoms yet, we recommend you to try it and see how natural it feels between you. Most users have switched to non-latex soon after their first trial. Non-latex condoms are available at online store and you can order required quantity and get it delivered to your home in discreet packaging. Before you open the pack, no one at any stage will know that condoms are inside the pack.