Fruit Flavored Condoms

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Buy Fruit Flavoured Condoms Online

Fruit flavoured condoms are special as the fragrance would be soothing and couples can enjoy a good mood through the pleasant fragrance of fruits in their bedroom.

Fruit flavoured condoms can add exotic variety to the whole act of love making. It works wonders in easing women to taste male organ comfortably. The better the flavor, better it is for her to take it all her mouth. To ensure your excitement doesn’t end with few encounters and to prolong your foreplay time considerably, fruit flavoured condoms can come handy.

When it comes to fruit flavoured condoms, you get a plethora of flavours such as strawberry, vanilla, orange, banana, black grapes, guarana, cherry, green apple, black berry, etc., Variety is the spice of life and it can work amazingly well for love making as well.

Let her feel your intensity and passion in a variety of flavours every time and you can be sure of exciting time during every encounter. With variety of flavours at hand, you can allow her to choose the one that she loves to play with and this way you can both have a good time and her active participation, which can make a world of difference to your love making.

When you know that she is drawn to flavoured condoms, then buying fruit flavoured condoms can help you achieve your objective. Fruit flavoured condoms can add great variety to your session.

It is usual for men to stick to one or two brands when it comes to their choice of condoms. But fruit flavoured condom is one thing that you should leave it to her choice. Because she will know what flavor can turn her ON and make your work easy and comfortable. Alternatively, you can buy a variety of fruit flavoured condoms and surprise her with every new flavor every time when she is ready to taste your manhood.

Though variety of flavors is available in almost all leading brands, you should know that the flavor may be contained in the lubricant or coated on the condom. In some brands condoms are colored to match the flavor, such as yellow for banana and red for strawberry. 

Seeing the condom in an unusual color can add to the excitement and the changed colour will give you a refreshing feeling.

Fruit flavoured condoms are meant to add a new and exciting dimension to your foreplay and oral sex. When you intend to use fruit flavoured condoms for vaginal sex, you have to ensure that those condoms are sugar-free.

Because sugar can disrupt the pH of the vagina, which can potentially increase the risk of fungal infections.

Some of the Best Selling Fruit flavoured condom include:

  • Manforce  Strawberry
  • Nottyboy Strawberry
  • NottyboyGreenApple
  • Kohinoor Strawberry
  • Kamasutra Strawberry
  • Kamasutra Pineapple
  • Kamasutra Mango
  • PlaygardOrangesuper dotted
  • Playgard Banana Ultrathin
  • Playgard Pineapple and dotted
  • Playgard Strawberry and dotted
  • Playgard Grapes,
  • Playgard Strawberry - super dotted and climax delay
  • Okamoto
  • Moods
  • Manforce
  • Invigra
  • Skore (multiple flavours)
  • Cobra
  • XXX
  • Crott
  • Mini Sampler
  • Manforce Black Grapes and many other flavours
  • Beboy
  • Cupid Super Dotted Strawberry
  • Cupid