How to Handle Sex Flush?

46 views  March 18, 2019

Remember, Sex Flush happens because of heightened blood pressure. So the extremes of sex flush are dependent on the temperature of the environment of the room in which you both indulge in sex. For people who are prone to sex flush, or if you know that your partner shows sex flush during sex, then it is important to avoid any warming lubricants, toys or warm condoms, as these can further heat up and make sex flush more pronounced. Instead, you can try cooling lubricants, cool condoms or wet lubricants and things that can bring down the temperature of his or her body during the act.

Mint condoms and lubes with mint flavor can also be tried as it could of use to reduce the hot sensations, which can show up as sex flush. These cooling lubricants can not only reduce the temperature but also emanate a pleasant fragrance that can be soothing to the senses as well.

Using cotton sheets and turning down the air conditioner are some of the natural ways to handle sex flush. If you are particular about using a toy, you can use a glass toy which can't heat up your body while still allowing you to enjoy your sensations.

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