How safe is anal sex?

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Anal sex is considered riskier than oral and vaginal sex because the potential of giving or receiving infections is too high compared to other sexual options.

Why anal sex is not considered safe:

Unlike vagina, there is no natural lubrication in the anus, which can make it painful for both partners when it is stretched forcefully. Even if you both are clean and free from any diseases, there is a good chance for both partners to get infections because of the amount of harmful bacteria that is seated in the anus.

Anal sex too can lead to pregnancy:

Some couples resort to anal sex under the guise that it can prevent them from getting pregnant and indulge in anal sex without any protection. But they don't understand that there is a greater sex of becoming pregnant if semen drips down and enters vagina accidentally. So, it is better to use protection during an anal sex.

But don't get scared. It is still absolutely possible to have safe anal sex. We give below some of the ways to make your anal safe and enjoyable.

Make yourself clean and comfortable

It is suggested to have a hot bath before your anal, to clean your anus thoroughly and keep the muscles relaxed to make your penetration easier. If required, you can also use an anal douche.


You may not use a lube during vaginal sex, but it is important that you necessarily have to use a lubricant during your anal sex, as there is no natural lubrication produced in the anus. The pressure of sex and the resulting friction can potentially tear the muscles in anus making it easy for bacteria to pass onto your organ. Keeping untreated anal tearing can also lead to cancer. Even if you are wearing a lubricated condom, it is better to add little more lubricant to ensure your anal gets as smooth as possible.

Remember to avoid using water-based lubricants for anal sex as water gets absorbed in anus. Hence, you should only use silicone-based lubricants for anal sex. There are specially made lubes for back stretch.

Use condoms

Condoms are important for safe anal sex as well. As Anus is the seat of several harmful bacteria and the thin anal tissues are susceptible to tearing during a vigorous anal sex, using a condom is important for not receiving or giving infection. There are some silicone based condoms that are available exclusively for anal sex.

Don't change from anal to vaginal

It is dangerous to go from anal sex to vaginal sex using the same condom. The woman might be susceptible to getting bladder infection, urinary tract infection, kidney infection and yeast formation leading to infections. You have to necessarily end the game at anal and remove the condom. If you want a vaginal sex again after an anal, then you can remove the existing condom, wear a new one and then indulge in vaginal sex. 

Don't change from anal to oral

Needless to say, going from anal to oral sex with the same condom is super risky. It will result in transferring anal STDs to your mouth. The bacteria from an unclean anus, if enters your digestive tract, can lead to several serious illnesses.

If it hurts, please stop

If your anal begins to hurt, it is advisable to stop it immediately.  Doing any further can seriously injure your anus. Ideally you can take a break and retry again after sufficient rest and with more lube. Take your time and do it only when she is comfortable to take it again. It is common sense, after all.

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