Mixture of Rice and Sesame - Sex Position 15

When arousal becomes too intense for you and her, both of you cannot stop lying down and hold each other in intense passion, you both indulge in an intense foreplay that will pave way for a quick penetration.

You both would be finding ways to start the act as quickly as possible. May be we can term it as 'rice and sesame' position as it is difficult to distinguish who is pushing and who is receiving, as both want to hurriedly indulge in the act at the earliest.

The intensity of can make both you and her come together as a single mixture. Imagine what will happen when you pour a handful of rice and sesame grains in a jar and mix it well.

Can you pick sesame seeds alone? It is impossible.

When he pins her down the floor with all his might, she will pull him towards her harder and this will result in rolling all over the bed with both you and her in peak of arousal.

Divine Moment:  Crush her down the floor with your body weight in intense passion

Pure Nirvana: Position your hard snake just above her bliss button