Mixture of Milk and Water - Sex Position 14

When both of you are intensely aroused and couldn't stop to enter each other hard and fast, then the kind of physical intimacy that you both experience can be termed as 'mixture of milk and water'. 

This also implies that both of you are sufficiently moist and are raring to enter each other's body instantly, without wasting even a single second. The intensity with which you both indulge is akin to mixing water and milk over a vessel and both can mix together momentarily.

The mixture can be uniform, instant and smooth. While he pulls her towards him harder, she throws her forward and embraces him tightly with all her might. The exchange of heat and passion is mutual that both want to submerge with each other and experience height of intimacy.

She is too moist and it's time to begin your to and fro motion down under.

Don't stop until she experiences exploding orgasm.

Divine Moment:  Squeeze her buttocks and pull her towards you more

Pure Nirvana: When you position your pleasure hole right over his hard snake.