Masturbation - How it Started?

Masturbation - How it Started?

Though many would deem it as evil, unhealthy, immoral… whatever they can say, masturbation is a reality and it has been there around since humans existed. Let us see some of the early instances of masturbation.

Early Beginning

There are cave drawings of masturbation to prove the fact that was there dating back tens of thousands of years. The earliest known sex toy was a dildo which was there thirty thousand years ago. You can find place of dildo throughout the history, they are there in famous works of art fromshakespeare's A Winter Tale to ancient Grecian Vases. There are documents about shepherds stroking their meats while out in the field to release their sexual tension.

Made an object of shame

Masturbation was regarded as an object of shame during early 1700s in Western Europe. There was a crusade against Oanism (a term derived from the name of a sinful masturbator from the Bible) began.

Masturbation was used as a blame as the cause of different illnesses. It was mentioned that masturbation was the single most reason behind impotence, disturbed digestive system, back pain, pimples, mental illness and even suicide.

There was no tool to measure the scientific basis of masturbation. It became an object of shame and social prejudice; otherwise it is nothing more than the rubbing of their own organ for pleasure. Severe code of conduct and chastity identification devices was invented to prevent young boy and girls at puberty from touching themselves. Shame and guilt were intertwined with masturbation heavily to control people from touching themselves.



Despite heavy restrictions, brain washing and societal condemnation masturbation survived. It couldn't be completely eradicated from the human society as it is a natural part of human biology. It is an impulse that couldn't be avoided as it is a natural action. It is there and part of every culture around the world.

Today's Context

It is established beyond doubt that there is nothing wrong with masturbation and there is no need to feel ashamed about for indulging yourself in some kind of a self love. There is no need to feel anything guilty about it as you are not the only or the first person to touch yourself. It has been there since ages and everyone does it some way or the other.

This doesn't mean every one indulges in masturbation every single day. There are people who don't do it and some asexual men and women who may not try it at all. There are those who don't feel the need to masturbate at all due to early marriage or higher frequency of sex with single or multiple partners. For few souls masturbation may be out of their sexual spectrum for any reason whatsoever.

What's the verdict?

Masturbation is a perfectly healthy and a positive habit. There is nothing wrong about indulging in masturbation. Being obsessed with it is not good. As with any good thing, indulging in moderation is never a problem. Excessive masturbation is unhealthy and not recommended.

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