Embrace of the Jaghana - Sex Position 19

This position can be termed as the beginning of the end. By end we mean, an exploding climax. When both you and her are sufficiently aroused and cannot weight to skinny dipping, that is when she lies down and makes you lie all over her, with your pointed and swollen meat ready to move in.

Before pushing your snake in, you lie over her passionately and embrace her tightly with your stiff organ touching her Jaghana.

The touching and rubbing of organs can give an amazing sensation that she will hold you back tightly enough that she doesn't want you to do anything other than dipping your hard stick in.

Just press her Jaghana with your hardened stick without sticking it in. The feel of your organ near her pleasure hole  and the heat of your body pressing all over will give her an unmatched sensation that she will passionately guide your snake onto her organ for a fulfilling to and fro motion.

She is too moist and it's time to begin your to and fro motion down under. Don't stop until she experiences exploding orgasm.

Divine Moment:  Just keep pressing her Jaghana and give her exhilarating pre-penetration sensation

Pure Nirvana: Look at her eyes and compliment her body while pushing your stiff snake in.