Embrace of the Forehead - Sex Position 20

When the love and passion overflows, you cannot stop getting closer to her physically and it is the same with her. When you can evoke her love and erotic passion, she is sure to start the game and bring you closer to her.

When love engulfs your senses, erotic energy fills your body and makes you irresistibly attractive that you are drawn to her and she will throw herself to you to feel your body all over. In such situations, you both lean towards each other with your eyes closed and in most cases, with your foreheads touching.

You will begin with a light embrace and mild kissing, quickly followed by hard hugging and intense smooching. That's the beginning of a perfect love making session where you will lose all your inhibitions and begin to experience the beauty of physical intimacy.

A compliment or a joke or even a dirty talk can add spice to the moment and make you fall for each other.

Divine Moment:  Hug her tightly and give her a hard-to-forget lip lock

Pure Nirvana:  A dirty talk that she loves but pretends to dislike.