Embrace of the Breasts - Sex Position 21

When passion takes over your body, it is hard for you both to remain separated. You will hurriedly move closer and both of you would pull each other.

The intense love and hormonal rush will make you want to hold your partner forever and feel every bit of her naked skin. You will hold her as close to your body while enjoying her tight embrace.

Over and above the tight squeeze, you can enjoy her shapely and soft bosoms rubbing against your chest as the sensation could be truly exhilarating. When you know that you are enjoying, she will tweak her body and move herself closer to you further to ensure you get a better feel of her bulging breasts and she will enjoy the sensation of rubbing your hard chest.

As she is reveling in the pleasurable sensation, you can take your hands down, hold her bulging assets on the back and pull her closer to your body even further.

Divine Moment:  Hold her closer to your body and rub her soft bosoms with your chest

Pure Nirvana: Position yourself in such a way that you could feel her moist pleasure button with your shaft