Close embrace of the thighs - Sex Position 18

When you both reach a dominating arousal, you cannot stop but lying down to proceed further in your lovemaking.  While It feels great to lie over her and push your weight around her soft body, it is equally gratifying to make her lie all over your body and feel her heat.

Know that she is ready for the skinny dipping when she falls over you and pushes herself all over your body in intense passion. She will move her mouth and kiss your neck and chest.

You can hold her bump and bring her close to your body hard enough as if she is going to submerge inside your skin. The exchange of heat and intensity of passion would be great enough that you both want to enter into each other with great force.

You can feel her shapely thighs rubbing against yours and feel the intensity of her erotic energy. When you have such a tremendous foreplay, you can expect nothing short of an exploding orgasm.

Divine Moment:  Position herself in such a way and move your thighs little bit to feel her moist hole

Pure Nirvana: Bend your knees a bit to feel her genitalia.