Climbing a Tree - Sex Position 16

When every cell of your body is filled with passion and intense love, you both cannot afford to waste even a single moment without doing anything. When you know that she is thoroughly aroused, it is wise to allow her to make her own moves.

Physical intimacy knows no bounds and conditions and there is no structured protocols interms of position and who should give and who should receive.

When she is on peak arousal, she will cuddle you really hard and when the cuddling is not intense enough, she will press her foot against the back of your legs firmly as if she tries to climb over your body with intense desire and passion.

Just allow her to press her body against yours and feel her intense heat. It is better if you can say something that makes her sets her on fire and guide your snake to her bliss hole. 

Divine Moment:  Hold her plump hard and make her press her hard bosoms on your chest

Pure Nirvana:  Pick her off the floor and position your firm meat to touch her pleasure hole.