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Sex Furniture 

Sex is a natural aspect of life and people have been involved in sex for both reproduction and pleasure since time immemorial. Though sex is a natural phenomenon, men and women aren’t really interested to do it just the natural way. When erotic juices overflow, men and women tend to go overboard and try something new. In their search to explore further in sexual acts, there were several injuries. Most of the sex-related injuries goes unreported for obvious reasons of embarrassment. Some couples have reported falling from bed. When there is hormonal rush, even bedroom is not safe.

Further, the conventional bed is not suitable for certain positions, which require specialized furniture to make it convenient for couples to indulge in a comfortable sex. So, the advent of sex furniture is based on need. We all know that ‘need is the mother of all inventions’ and it certainly fits well for sex furniture, which are created based on sound research and are tailor-made to help men and women enjoy their lovemaking allowing them to do what they want to do, without any hindrance.

Now sex furniture is widely available. Buying sex furniture purely on the basis of hype or brand name or attractive image can turn out to be a big mistake. You need to make an informed decision when it comes to buying sex furniture as it should be suitable to the kind of sex that you both prefer.

We shall show you the factors that you need to look into carefully while buying your sex furniture. Before going further, let’s find out,

What is Sex Furniture?

A sex furniture can be anything made to support two people’s body and make it convenient for them to indulge in lovemaking. However, you cannot include dining tables or kitchen countertops which may be comfortable to you. It is an exclusive furniture designed to allow couples enjoy fun in the most convenient way possible.

Also referred to as ‘erotic equipment’, sex furniture is something that facilitates sexual activity including few position changes. By supporting a person’s weight or elevating their pelvis to an optimal position, sex is not only easier and more enjoyable but also safer as well. Though beds and couches continue to be the common ground for sexual activity of scores of modern-day couples, those special couples with a healthy sexual appetite and an appreciation for proper posture and physical comfort always eye for those high-end sex furniture to make their love life eventful and exciting.

These couples go for the specialized sex furniture for improved sexual experience and comfort of indulging in sex with utmost comfort. It is found out that those who use the right erotic equipment in the bedroom have longer, more satisfying sex life compared to others who don’t want to make that additional investment for a sophisticated sex furniture.

Sex Furniture – Seven Main Types

Officially, the following at the five main types that qualify as ‘sex furniture’. So, you can count the following as legitimate erotic equipment.

1.      Pillow

You cannot include your regular pillows under this category, because, these pillows can be folded in half and can be kept under your sweetheart’s back for comfort. These pillows offer superior support allowing couples to indulge in hardcore action without any discomfort or pain. Sex pillows come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit all body types.

2.      Ramps and Wedges

Wedges and ramps are rigid enough to support your girl friend’s weight. These are basically intended to allow couples to indulge in difficult positions without any discomfort or getting hurt or damaging anything during the thick of action. Wedges and ramps can also be customized according to individual needs and are available in varying angle heights.

3.      Swings

When you both want to suspend in the air for a little weightless fun, then sex swings allow you to enjoy that unique fun. Sex swings are little dangerous yet enjoyable aspect of sex furniture. Made using an array of materials, sex swings come with arm and leg restraints as well for couples to enjoy some hardcore fun.

4.      Sex Couches

Sex couches are stationary and cannot be used for any other type of fun. It needs to be attached to another piece of furniture such as bed or a chair. However, some of the better-quality couches can be secured to numerous surfaces with adjustable straps.

5.      Tantra Chairs

Tantra chairs are a relatively new concept, which are heavy pieces with an unusual shape. These chair count as sex furniture either way. Designed to act as a streamlined combination of pillows, wedges and harnesses, albeit strange, Tantra chair helps lovers achieve the positions listed in the famous Kama Sutra and enjoy sensational lovemaking.

6.      Toy Mounts

These mounts are portable and detachable pieces of sex furniture which can be mounted for hands-free play. Lightweight and durable, toy mounts make it possible to achieve an assisted orgasm regardless of your environment, body type or position. So, you can choose the kind of mouth that is suitable to you and to your partner’s body type.

7.      Restraints

Restraints like handcuffs are rope are also considered as pieces of sex furniture, although many might disagree and categorize them as ‘toys’. But officially restraints are also included in sex furniture as they do not provide any sexual pleasure by themselves, but allow couples to make fun out of it. Restraints are compact and user-friendly and they go well with any sex toy and make lovemaking exciting.

Sex furniture is a fast-growing commodity and great amount of money is spent on research in this category as more people are likely to buy it when the price becomes affordable. People are keen to upgrade their lifestyle and sex furniture is one of the important things that people might be interested to buy as it allows them to enjoy lovemaking. We can expect more types of sex furniture produced in the future due to growing demand and intensified research to cater to changing consumer needs.

So, now you know about sex furniture and its important categories. Do you know which a good sex furniture is and how to choose the right one for you? Know the fundamentals

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Good Sex Furniture

Choosing the right sex furniture not only requires some knowledge about it, but also you should be very clear about how do you want to use it to experience more pleasure during your lovemaking.  It not only requires an open mind, but also a deep pocket as sex furniture are expensive.

Good sex furniture isn’t cheap, but cheap sex furniture isn’t good. When you want to make your lovemaking special, you shouldn’t hesitate to shell out few extra bucks. To choose the best sex furniture for the type of love life you want to have, use the following buyer’s guide to make an informed choice.

1.      Pay attention to Durability

Durability is a key aspect with regard to sex furniture as how and how often you use it depends on how robust it is to serve your purpose. Remember, every item available on the market is not the same and each product varies in its quality, durability and attention to detail. The best sex furniture durability is usually based on the following factors:

-          Strength of the material used

-          Quality of the stitching / finishing

-          Manufacturing standards

-          Density of the internal cushioning (if applicable)

-          Roughness of usage

-          Care and maintenance requirements 

Good sex furniture will feature high-quality, breathable materials that are secured tightly or stitched together carefully using industrial-grade threads and adhesives. Furthermore, external materials should be hypoallergenic, resistant to wear and tear and washable. Any piece of sex furniture that doesn’t have the above characteristics should better be avoided.

2Ensure it is Sturdy Enough to Take a Pounding

Needless to say that very purpose of using sex furniture is to support you and your partner’s full body weight and to support your aggressive thrusting. It is important that the piece of furniture is sturdy enough for the job. Durability is one thing, but it becomes useless when it gets wobbly. Nothing can get more frustrating when your sex furniture wobbles during the lovemaking.

Determine your product’s stability by assessing the following factors:

-          You and your partner’s height and weight

-          How the furniture is going to be secured or mounted?

-          How do you plan to use it?

A piece of sex furniture can become a health and safety hazard if it is not sturdy enough to hold your actions. Make sure you read manufacturer’s instructions and follow it, even if you think it is unnecessary.

3. Know about the Materials Used

Material used can play a crucial role. Remember, certain materials (like latex and phthalates) can be dangerous to those who come in contact with them, especially if they have allergies or skin sensitivities. Some of the materials commonly used in sex furniture include, but not always limited to:

-          Cotton

-          Leather

-          Patent leather

-          Wool

-          Satin

-          Velvet

-          Nylon

-          Polycarbonate plastic

Keep in mind that the material used on your sex furniture can also affect its durability and stability. Something made with satin or silk can be difficult to hold onto, while those made using cotton or wool will not only function better in rough waters but will also require less energy to maintain. You need to look at the material used and make a decision that you feel can best suit your requirement.

4. See if it is versatile

Versatility plays a significant role when it comes to sex furniture as it can allow you to use it more ways and thus can experience more pleasure. Flexibility and mobility combined with your stamina and appetite can work wonders where you can use it for different positions. Although many people don’t need numerous positions to achieve orgasm, it’s always a good idea to have several options just in case things get wilder than expected. The best sex furniture will twist and fold into several shapes or increase/decrease in size easily.

To figure out whether a piece of sex furniture has the versatility you need, carefully consider your intended uses. If you don’t plan on getting too freaky, a square pillow should do fine. If you have mobility issues or physical impairments, rounded pillows help keep you comfortable. However, if your plans are to break a record or try out all the positions outlined in the famous sex alamanac the Kama Sutra, then you need to choose a more abstract piece of furniture for best results.

5. Be sure of its Intended Purposes

Before you plan to use it more than one way, it is important to read the manufacturer’s notes to know how well it can be used. If the manufacturer clearly outlined that particular piece cannot be used in a certain way, chances are you won’t have much success when you start experimenting. Regardless of how adventurous you both might be, you should always follow the instructions to prevent injury or health issues.

Before buying a piece of sex furniture, ask yourself the following questions

-          Where am I most likely to use this?

-          How much exploring and experimentation can I get away with?

-          Is it ideal for my average partner?

-          Do I need to buy or acquire anything extra to make it work?

-          Why did the manufacturer design the product this way?

Even though the product’s durability, stability and material used are all important factors to consider, its intended purpose cannot be ignored.

6. Take a close look at the price tag

Remember, the cost of high-quality sex furniture varies widely based on where you get it and who you get it from. Though the price tag on a piece of sex furniture shouldn’t even be your concern, but you should be vary of fakes. High-quality isn’t always synonymous with high-priced, so, know whether the furniture is worth its price.

By looking at the cost of various similar products you can more easily compare features to find the best value.